About us : 

We are specialists in working on large movie and television projects as well as theatre sets. We also undertake interior painting for hotels and museums. 


In last few years we have participated in designs made for the public sector , among others our project for Copenhagen University hospital ..... The installation  won the AV-award for best project in the public sector 2015.


The company’s experience allows it to draw from a large range of accumulated painting techniques, both traditional and modern like textured plaster, crackling, marbling, woodgraining , figuratif art, backdrops, trompe l’oeil effects and silkscreen printing . We use a lot of different materials in our work such as colour pigments, metal powders, wax, linseed oil, bone glue, plaster, chalk, acrylics, coffeegrains, cornflour and much more to obtain the effects we are looking for 

Great emphasis is placed on visual research of textures, balancing colour schemes, making numerous samples, and testing out new materials. 


Budgeting for large and complex projects is routinely undertaken, and the critical importance of satisfying deadlines is paramount.


We have an extensive network of trusted collaborators in Denmark and abroad.






Sculpture and setpainting :


Rikard Grönvall , Trollhättan , Sweden


Landscape painting and backdrops: 


Signs and printing :



Construction : 

Denmark : http://www.engelbrechtconstruction.dk/

Sweden : http://www.klasjanssonbygg.se/default.asp